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February 13, 2009 -

L’Atelier-BNP Paribas in Asia and the United States reflect on what happen in 2008 and envision projects for the future

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L’Atelier, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, operates as BNP Paribas’ tracking and analysis centre for high technology, started the year by celebrating its 30th anniversary.
Although first created in France, since a few years ago L’Atelier expanded to San Francisco and Shanghai, in order to cover the North American and Asian markets, providing a perspective from all corners of the world.

What is the retrospect for 2008 ?

Patrice Nordey, head of L’Atelier in Shangaï shares his view: “In 2008, there were really plenty of very interesting innovations in Asia. For example, Digital China, to follow the Chinese market, L’Atelier has organized a one-week mission in Shanghai and Beijing to give an opportunity to our clients to meet some of the biggest and fast-growing companies of the Chinese world.”
On the other side of the Atlantic, Dominique Piotet, who manages L’Atelier in San Francisco points out for the two years of its existence, L’Atelier in the United States has won a lot of new clients, among which Total, Renault, Les Pages Jaunes (the French Yellow Pages).

What would the projects for 2009 be?

The development of a network of local and international companies in China would provide a lot of opportunities for L’Atelier – China.
According to the American establishment close to the Silicon Valley, the key to future success is keeping up with the latest technological tendencies in order to best respond to the needs of corporations.
Dominique Piotet said: “It is going to be a challenge this year for us because we are at a turning point, […] we have new emerging technologies that are coming and that are challenging us: green technologies and cloud computing.”

Listen to the interview of Patrice Nordey and Dominique Piotet who talk about past and future initiatives in their respective markets.


Read the transcript of the interview.