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May 12, 2010 - ,

BNP Paribas: an internationally-renowned brand

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The “International Brand Barometer” measures the recognition and image of the BNP Paribas brand in different countries. This Barometer is based on a survey conducted by TNS Sofres of small and medium enterprises (in 12 countries) and by Ipsos Marketing among individuals (age 18 to 65 in 14 countries). Thanks to the wide presence of its brand, BNP Paribas is one of the most international banks. Prompted brand awareness (which banks and financial institutions do you know by name only) among individuals is 92% in Belgium, 86% in Luxembourg and 43% in Italy. For medium and large enterprises, the rate is 99% in Belgium, 100% in Luxembourg and 89% in Italy.

However, the lack of brand awareness in Russia and the USA position BNP Paribas as a European bank. Moreover, 16% of large US corporates surveyed know BNP Paribas, 22% in Russia, 6% of US individuals and 8% of Russians.The brand image of BNP Paribas in countries where it is known is positive. BNP Paribas is perceived as a powerful, serious and expert bank.