BNP Paribas in China About BNP Paribas

The need for support in the cultural domain with respect to preservation, promotion and dissemination is never-ending, as it has a profound value to society in terms of human, social and economic development. For all these reasons, BNP Paribas has committed to preserving and promoting cultural heritage and encouraging artistic expression ever since the BNP Paribas Foundation was created in 1984.

BNP Paribas “Rising Star” Piano Festival

The BNP Paribas ‘Rising Star’ Piano Festival is initiated and sponsored by BNP Paribas China and the BNP Paribas Foundation. It is designed to discover the rising stars of China’s most talented crop of pianists and provide them with a platform on which to showcase their abilities.

This programme has received wide acclaim from both the teachers and students of China’s leading conservatories of music. The pianists to attend the event represent the best of China’s young pianists evaluated and selected jointly by international professionals and famous professors of the Central Conservatory of Music.

During the four-day event in 2013, eight young Chinese pianists, including Muye Wu, a famous Chinese pianist who studied in France, demonstrated their musical talent to audiences from China and around the world who enjoyed the pianists’ outstanding performances.

A leader in global banking and financial services in Europe, BNP Paribas is committed to supporting and developing cultural programmes. In particular, BNP Paribas has shown great enthusiasm in promoting China’s cultural development and hopes to share its passion for culture with the broadest audience possible.