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December 20, 2007 -

Recap of the launching of the First Cash Management University in Paris

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BNP Paribas, the first bank to launch an event such as the 1st Cash Management University, an interactive and participative experience built on dialog and feedback experiences, is definitely innovative.

Last November 29th and 30th, the BNP Paribas Cash Management Business Unit brought together its major French and European customers with the goal of exchanging on, learning about and acquiring ideas for innovating in their trade as cash managers.

This University, initiated by Jean Clamont, organized in partnership with major industry players (SAP, IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sungard, XRT, Visa, Identrust, SWIFT, Bottomline Technologies), along with a number of the group’s businesses such as BNP Factor, “Asset Management and Services” (AMS) and of course BNL, drew a keen success.

In the context of a constantly changing business world, regarding regulations (risk, SEPA, etc.), technologies (SWIFTnet, web, etc.) and organisational structures (Payment Factories, Share Service Centers, etc.) the 1st Cash Management University managed to attract 125 major Businesses from 16 different European countries.

In the end, the event, built on an entirely new form of communication, met with tremendous success from the more than 250 participants.

It articulated around three major, central themes:
– “Regulatory Pressures: Turning these into opportunity”
– “Quickly Evolving Technologies: Main trends for the future”
– “New Challenges for Organisations: How and when to move forward?”

These were developed during 3 sessions of 7 simultaneous workshops, with client testimonials (GE, Unilever, etc.) and “reporters” to synthesize the discussions and facilitate the round table and plenary discussions.

This event should become a mainstay to the European Cash Management business in the years to come! Its second edition is already in the works.