Consumer Finance

BNPP Personal Finance, an European leader in Consumer Credit. With the WFOE in Shanghai, leveraging two main pillars in China – Banking Partner and Auto Finance Partner, offers a full range of personal lending products at retail points of sale, car dealerships and directly to consumers via branch network, direct sales, and digital channels.

BON BNPP Consumer Finance Company

The Company was founded in 2015 and is jointly managed by Bank of Nanjing and BNP Paribas Personal Finance. After many years of cooperation, the two parties have built leading core expertise and business model of consumer finance activities suitable to China market. This partnership has been exemplary as a successful cooperation between a Chinese bank and a foreign bank. BON BNPP Consumer Finance Company offers quick and convenient unsecured consumer loan to individual customers through its direct sales teams and various online & offline channels. In August 2022, Bank of Nanjing and BNP Paribas jointly took the control of Suning Consumer Finance Company and renamed it to BON BNPP Consumer Finance Company.